An Easy Fix for Blocking Sun from Coming in My Camper’s Windows

The glare from the sun can really heat up your campervan or RV, especially if you have a Vanagon or other vintage camper with old windows.

Instead of getting the windows tinted, which would be expensive and change the look of the van, I use these reusable shades that easily stick on the windows to block the sun’s rays from coming into my camper.

They work really well!

In addition to preventing glare, these window clings cut down on heat and block UV rays that can give you a sunburn as your roll down the road.

As you can see in the video, you can still see out the window through the shade, so you don’t have to worry about visibility. These are safe to use in the front seat as well as in the back.

They come in a four in a slim pouch you can store in your glovebox.

To apply a shade, just remove a cling from the pouch and position it on the window until you find the right spot. Then press the cling to the glass, as if applying a sticker.


Instant, movable shade.

Over time, these window clings are likely to collect dust or get a little dirty, which will reduce their clingy-ness.

But no fear! If you clean them with a wipe or just a little soap and water, they will be good as new.

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