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Clever Camping Equipment You Can Buy at IKEA

Camping requires a high level of organization, so it’s no surprise that IKEA has lots of products that work great for camping.

My fascination with IKEA goes way back to my late teens, when I lived in Sweden. I’m always scouting for new finds and over the years have incorporated some awesome IKEA products into our camping set-up.

Also, did you know you can buy many IKEA items on Amazon? They are priced a bit higher, but if you don’t live near an IKEA or need something fast, this is a good option. I’ve included each item’s “IKEA name” so you can search for them.

Magnetic storage

If you camp in a van, RV, or car, magnets are a smart way to make use of wall space for storage – inside and outside of your camper.

If the interior of your camper has exposed metal like our Vanagon campervan, these items are a no-brainer. If not, IKEA sells a magnetic strip so you can mount them wherever you’d like.

GRUNDTAL containers

These stainless-steel four-inch tins have so many uses: store spices, dog training treats, vitamins/pills, or spare change. Van lifers love to stick them above their cooking spaces for easy reach. They come in a pack of three and cost $7.99.

magnetic storage tins for RVs campers
IKEA Grundtal magnetic tins. Photo credit: IKEA

TOTEBO hooks

These magnetic hooks take up hardly any space and are perfect for hanging dish towels, pot holders, and anything wet that needs to dry.

You can also use them to hang string lights on the inside or outside of your camper to create some instant cozy!

Use clips to hang lights in your camper. Photo credit: Silvio Bergamo

There is a clip version (available in pink and gold!) that I use to attach sun shades to our van’s windows, which really cuts down on the radiant heat. I also use it to hold my campground map.

They come in a pack of two for $2.99.

KUNGSFORS knife rack

You can use this knife rack to attach your tins and hooks to a surface that isn’t metal.

If you’re using it as a knife rack, consider mounting it inside a cabinet … it’s easy to bump into things in a camper and you don’t want to head butt this little guy!

The rack is 22-inches long and costs $14.99. Note that mounting screws do not come with this rack – you need two of them and can find mounting instructions here. Double-sided tape is another option to consider.

FRAKTA shopping bags for carrying wood

IKEA bag holding wood for camping
Those giant .99 cent-IKEA bags hold a lot of wood!

IKEA’s iconic blue FRAKTA reusable shopping bags are great for carrying wood. They have two sets of handles, so you can get either a close grip or use the longer ones to sling the bag over your shoulder.

We tie the long handles together to close up the bag before placing it under the picnic table at our campsite to keep the wood dry.

There is another style of this bag that comes with a zipper. This $4.49, 20-gallon bag can be worn as a backpack!

By the way, the black-and-white bag on the left is a KNALLA bag we use to store our camping pillows. It has a zippered top and costs $1.99.

On a recent trip to IKEA, I spotted a new version of the big shopping bag in white canvas. It’s called the GÖRSNYGG. While not waterproof, the canvas bags are great for toting items around and storing bedding (pillows, sleeping bags and blankets) in the camper.

Hanging storage

If your camper has a closet, these soft, hanging racks let you maximize vertical storage space. IKEA carries lots of sizes to choose from, and if they are too long, you can just cut them to size with a pair of scissors!

Our Vanagon campervan has a little closet that many Vanagon owners think of as wasted space.

The VW manual calls it a “linen closet”, ha ha, but I don’t think I’m alone in thinking it’s ridiculous to camp with clothes that need to be hung on hangers. 😏

The only thing I have ever hung up in there has been an organizer from IKEA!

I store all of our towels, flip-flops, and raingear there. When those items are in use on longer trips, we use this closet to store our dirty clothes, collapsing the storage compartments so we have more space. It’s a system that has worked well for us. I’m happy to make use of this otherwise tricky space.

Small toilet brush – the perfect size for RV or campervan bathrooms

If you have a toilet inside your camper or RV, IKEA sells the perfect toilet brush – for just .99 cents!

RV camping toilet brush
A bin of toilet brushes at IKEA

The BOLMEN brush comes in black and white. It’s super light and has a small footprint, allowing it to be tucked into even the tiniest of camper bathrooms.

Collapsible colander

Our camping utensils and dish towels are from IKEA, but the KLOCKREN colander just may be my favorite IKEA kitchen item.

It can be used as a steamer, a pasta strainer, or for washing vegetables. It’s made of silicone and steel and has no plastic parts.

It’s sturdy, takes up little space, and can be hung on a hook.

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KORKEN slim glass bottles

We have a small fridge in our campervan and rather than buy small containers of milk and other beverages, I use these refillable bottles.

Refillable glass bottle for camping fridge
34-oz glass refillable bottle Photo credit: IKEA

The cap fits tightly and doesn’t leak if tipped over, and the glass is thick. We’ve had them for years.

I like that they are glass because they can go right in the dishwasher (if you place your plastic dishes on the upper racks most bottles wouldn’t fit), and they don’t stain or retain odors.

They come in three sizes: 5-ounces, 17-ounces, and 34-ounces. We use the 34-oz bottle, which is just over one quart, for milk. It’s just the right size for our fridge. The base of the bottle takes up about the same amount of space as a soda can.

Storage boxes with lids

IKEA sells a lot of boxes and it can be overwhelming to know what to buy. For camping, you can’t go wrong with SOCKERBIT boxes.

The SOCKERBIT boxes are durable, stackable, and come in lots of sizes. Photo credit: IKEA.

SOCKERBIT boxes come in different sizes and two colors, white and green.

The only problem with them is they sell out quickly!

Candles and tea lights

There’s a special glow that comes from candles that no LED light can replace, and IKEA is a great place to get them.

The SINNLIG candle burns for about six hours and costs just $1.49 for a 3-inch candle or $2.99 for a 3.5-inch. When the candle is finished burning, you can use the glass to hold smaller tealight candles, which are sold in packs of 30.

If you’re not comfortable with real flame, IKEA’s GODAFTON LED candles cast a warm, flickering yellow light and automatically shut off after six hours. You can replace the batteries in these lights – even the little tealights that use button batteries.


Speaking of batteries, IKEA is my go-to for stocking up. You can never have too many!

IKEA sells rechargeable batteries in AAA and AA sizes (they no longer sell non-rechargeable ones). The button batteries that power the tealights and so many other small electronics, CR2032, come in packs of eight for $3.49.

If you have a favorite IKEA item for camping, I’d love to hear about it! Drop a comment below. 🙂

Advertising Disclosure: recommendations in this article contain links that may pay me a small commission, at no cost to you, when clicked. As always, thank you for your support.

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