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Easy and Delicious Tiki Party Punch Recipe

This crowd-pleasing punch is a perennial tiki party hit and super easy to make.

We’ve been serving it at our annual tiki party for years. We first made it for the kids but discovered adults were guzzling it down, too. We’ve upped the quantity over the years and still run out!

This refreshing punch is non-alcoholic and can easily be spiked with your spirit of choice.

We serve it in a big punch bowl that adds some flair to the party. The kids like serving themselves, and we like the nostalgic factor the punch bowl brings to the party.

tiki party punch

We make the punch the night before the party. That gives it just the right amount of time in the freezer to make the punch slushy and retain a little fizz from the soda.

There are just three ingredients in our favorite tiki punch:

  1. One 46 ounce can of pineapple juice
  2. One 2 liter bottle of lemon-lime soda, such as Sprite
  3. A 6 ounce can of frozen orange juice (if you can’t find this size, you can use a 12 ounce can and cut it in half)

Here’s how you make it:

Gently mix the three ingredients above in a gallon jug (I use an empty milk jug.) Be careful not to shake or stir too fast, as the mixture will bubble up.

Let the jug sit without its top so the fizz can settle for a couple hours.

Put the jug in the freezer overnight with the top on. Note: Depending on how much fizz you have in your mixture and how long it freezes, you may find some of it has seeped out. This doesn’t affect the taste of the punch but can make for a messy freezer. I like to put a bowl under the jug to catch any drips, just in case.

Remove the jug from the freezer and let it sit for a couple hours before serving.

If the punch is frozen solid, you can cut away the jug and put set the punch in the punch bowl to thaw.


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