Build a Campfire Anywhere with These Three Gadgets

Nothing beats a big, cozy campfire to cook and gather around.

But a little campfire is a pretty good substitute when you don’t have access to a fire ring or pit.

I recently had the chance to put my “tiny fire” to the test at a campsite where the fire ring was unfortunately located right next to our neighbors’ cars.

We got our tiny fire started up in just a few minutes!

This is an easy, safe option you can take anywhere: everything you need to make it fits in a small backpack, including a mini grill so you can cook!

Here are the things I use to make my portable fire:

1. Flatpack Portable Stainless Steel Grill and Firepit

This amazing firepit folds into a notebook-sized rectangle that’s only an inch and a half thick.

It sets up in 30 seconds and keeps the fire contained, so you can burn safely. It has a stable base and side windbreaks to keep your fire going in breezy conditions.

A grate, included with the portable pit, easily sits on top. It’s dishwasher safe and comes in an attractive canvas case.

I could probably stop this post right here … but I can’t resist sharing a few more of my favorite gadgets that are key to our fire-starting process while taking up hardly any space in our camper.

2. Pocket Bellows

Love, love, love my pocket bellows. Do you know about them?

They are like telescoping steel straws you use to blow air into your fire. They are so fun to use – you can pinpoint exactly the area that needs a little extra ummph in your fire.

It’s so fun to watch flames leap up to greet you after a big exhale into the tiny bellows!

It’s almost a little zen, even. 🙂

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The pocket bellows we use come two in a pack for $10. They live up to their name – you can fit both of them easily in your pocket.

3. Flameless USB Lighter

This lighter is magic! On one charge, it can light hundreds of times. It weighs less than two ounces.

It works by creating an electric current between two pins at the top. To use it, you turn it on and push the switch. You’ll see the light blue current start to sizzle between the nodes.

This little flameless device will light candles, paper, and firestarters. I guess it could light wood, but you’d probably have to hold it a good long time.

I like that I can reuse it by recharging the battery – much better than those plastic stick lighters that have to be tossed out when they run out of lighter fluid.

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