best coolest camping gear on Amazon

Check Out The Best, Coolest Camping Gear on Amazon

There’s nothing like great camping gear. And let’s be honest, when when we get away from it all, we still want our creature comforts, amiright?

One of my favorite things to do at a campground is walk around and scout for cool new camping items. It’s like shopping in the woods! 😏

I put my sleuthing skills to work to come up with this list of the best camping gear that is sure to make your set-up the envy of your nosy neighbors.

All of these unique camping gear finds are available on Amazon.

Super comfy personal lounger

Campers love this giant wind sock that turns into a couch in less than a minute – without a pump. You just hold it up in the sky to catch some air, roll up the end up like a lunch bag and presto!

You are ready to relax hot-dog-style on a big air-cushioned bun.

This couch molds to your body to give you hammock-style comfort, no trees required: you can lounge anywhere – the campsite, the beach, the lake, inside your tent.

A 100-inch movie screen the size of a soda-can

Whether you belong to the pro- or anti- movies-while-in-nature camp, you have to give this product props.

It’s a projector that fits in the palm of your hand capable of creating your very own home-away-from-home theater – on the side of your camper or even a sheet strung between two trees.

With a really, really good picture. AND great sound. Works with iPhones and Androids.

Copyrighted content that can’t be cast directly from the device can be downloaded. Easy-peasy, no legal squeezy!

Check out the reviews on this one. You will be amazed whether you buy it or not.

A motion-sensor light that hangs from a tree or tent

Let’s assume you will buy the soda can home theater at some point and, after a fun movie night in the woods, leave it out on the picnic table.

You wouldn’t want another camper who sees your cool projector to get a little too curious and pay you a visit after hours, would you?

This motion-sensor light will keep all the looky-loos (like yours truly, gotta say!) at a safe distance.

It’s a great way to protect your investments while allowing your neighbors to get a good night’s sleep without using the bright LEDs that light up your campsite like a crime scene. If someone does come close, this light automatically shuts off after 20 seconds.

Best cooler light on the market

Another ingenious light, this one for your cooler.

This brand is the Cadillac of cooler lights. It stays lit for up to 55 hours and the light can be changed to red for those hunting or fishing.

The clever light assures you will never again suffer frozen hand syndrome while digging around for your preferred beverage. Instead, you will be able to perform a surgical strike – in and out in record time. Like you were never there. Cheers to that. 🍻

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This awesome toilet fits in our small camper!

Sleek, unbreakable wine glasses

Another winner in the beverage category is this set of stainless steel tumblers. These are our go-to glasses for camping. They feel great in your hands, keep your drink chilled nicely and shhhh, Hello there Mr. Park Ranger, hold a full beer.

Priced around $20 for a set of four, they are a great deal. There are some pictures in the reviews of the decorative coating coming off – but, I wonder if those went through the dishwasher … ?? We have the wood-look style and they look brand new after years of use.

A snap-on plastic top keeps everything under cover – neat, tidy, and under the ranger’s radar.😉

Waterproof UNO cards

I’m from the Midwest, so I was pretty much born a card player. And when it comes to camping, UNO is a classic for our family.

But the sight of a soggy UNO deck on the picnic table in the morning? Game over. 😭

So erase that image from your mind and head over to Amazon to snap up these plastic, fantastic cards.

Fair warning if you’ve never played: a four-year-old just might beat you.

Pop Up Food Tents

There’s nothing worse than preparing a nice meal and sitting down around the picnic table to find flies have joined you for dinner.

These tents have you covered.

They open like little umbrellas and collapse down for easy storage. They are super light, cheap, and I have no idea why it took me years to discover them.

Why wait?

Waterproof Bluetooth speaker with clip

This may be the highest-rated product I’ve ever seen on Amazon: over 60,000 reviews averaging 5 stars.

Pretty much the best camping speaker ever.

This little guy offers just the right combination of quality sound, durability, and style.

You can clip this speaker to a tree, your tent, or your swim trunks.

While many of its competitors are water resistant, this small speaker is fully waterproof.

This is what the cool kids wear when they whiz down the ski slope or bounce over waves on a tube in their own private sound cloud.

A Dog tie-out that doesn’t get tangled

This brilliant alternative to the old steel chain gives your pup freedom to roam while granting you freedom from getting out of your chair every five minutes to untangle him!

If that sounds familiar, you’ll want to snap up this tie out.

With this system, you tie the nylon rope around two anchors (usually trees) and hook up your dog to the swivel lead in the middle. You won’t lose the storage bag because it’s attached to rope. Brilliant!

Where it does get a bit more complicated is when you have two dogs, like us. We actually have two of these but sometimes the campsite isn’t large enough to accommodate both.

Taco Band-Aids!

Bugs and bug bites are a part of camping. Taco Band-Aids – I should probably call them bandages, as they are not the Band-Aids brand – take the sting out of boo boos by making you laugh instead of cry!

With taco Band-Aids at the ready, prepare to turn frowns upside down and restore the happy vibe around the campfire.

Seriously, who knew Band-Aids could have personality?

Camping clothesline

Every camper needs a clothesline.

Being outdoors means being in the elements, and gear getting wet.

And nothing damages gear like mildew.

Mildew will kill off all of your favorite camping gear if you let her.

So, grab this little guy (super little, takes no space up, promise) and let mildew find something else to do.

Colorful Fire Packets

A crackling campfire is the best. A colorful, crackling campfire is even better.

Parents, this is an evening of screen-free entertainment for your children, for about $1 a pack. (And you might just enjoy it, too.)

Priceless! 🔥🔥🔥

Colander-Cutting Board-Grater all in one

This creative piece of kitchenware incorporates all the items you forgot to buy for your camper into one ingenious product.

It’s got everything but for the kitchen sink!

It packs flats so it takes up very little space.

Clean water straw

These guys can literally save your life.

One thing all campers need is clean water. My research found this brand, albeit with a not-great name, is preferable and more eco-friendly than the expertly-titled, much better known, Lifestraw.

And it’s cheaper, too.

Best sleeping pad for camping

I had to include this because no matter what kind of camper you are, your experience can be improved with this highest-rated of all camping pads.

This pad is the all-round winner. It’s inexpensive, small and inflates in just “10 to 13 breaths”.

It comes with a lifetime warranty.

Inflatable kayak

It took me a long time to try kayaking, I guess because kayaks are a pain to take camping, they’re expensive to buy and renting one stresses me out because I worry that I’ll float too far and not get the kayak back in time. A ticking clock is no way to relax on the lake!

Then I found this kayak.

At around $100, it’s the highest-rated, most affordable kayak on Amazon. Judging by the fact that there are over 1,000 questions on its Amazon page, people must think it’s too good to be true.

Well, it’s not.

If you’re still skeptical, check out the 25,000 reviews. This kayak is just that good.

There! No excuses! Get out and discover the joy of kayaking.🛶✌️

Advertising Disclosure: recommendations in this article contain links that may pay me a small commission, at no cost to you, when clicked. As always, thank you for your support.

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