azaleas in front of mansion

Azalea Riot

Azaleas are on the march in Philadelphia. They began showing up a few weeks ago and have been steadily advancing, this week breaching the northwest corner of the city where we live, in Mt. Airy.

A short walk begs the question: Is there any stopping them?

They are pushing their way through crowds of hedges, fortification lines of fencing, cracks of pavement. Spilling forth from stone walls, taunting just-planted vegetable gardens.

They have come to do battle against our COVID malaise.

I think they are winning.

This one forced my eyes to a privacy hedge meant to deflect attention.

This one said “Hey, Look, I’m bigger than the FIAT.” He may need his own parking space next spring 🙂

This lovely Tudor-style house, a favorite of mine, has a historic marker that says the first black woman to be admitted to the Pennsylvania bar, Sadie T.M. Alexander, lived here. It’s easily overlooked this time of year, just as Ms. Alexander was in her time.

Here’s a fun fact: Just down the road on this street is the home of the man who invented Monopoly at his kitchen table, Charles Darrow.

Black Lives Matter!
Thank you, Healthcare Workers!
Science Is Real!
Love is Love!

This home is right around the corner from me and is hard to see from the road. I know many of my neighbors but not these folks. The azaleas dared me to walk up the path and introduce myself. I didn’t do it, though. Maybe next time.

Isn’t this beautiful? A blue door never looked so good.

A social worker I interviewed years ago dropped a Iine on me that I haven’t forgotten:

You never know where a flower will grow.

So true.

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