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A Quick COVID Reflection

I’m ready for this virtual life to end. How about you?

COVID cases are falling and my state of mind is shifting from fear to anticipation. That feeling you get on the first warm day when you hear a favorite song? Every day is the first day of spring for me lately, with a Steely Dan soundtrack.

It’s a giant, cautious, exhale.

I have even caught myself reflecting on COVID, as if it were in the past. You?

During the worst of it, I began a morning ritual. The second I woke up, I’d concentrate on how I felt: Did my head hurt? Could I breathe easily? Was I achy? Like a personal COVID screening.

I was living in fear.

But the fear quickly gave way to gratitude if I felt good. I’d park my thoughts on how lucky I was to be alive for a few seconds. The bar was low. But the gratitude? So high.

Turns out that is a great way to start my day.

Lately, I’m slipping. I’m getting up and going about my day like the before times.

So I’ve decided to try to keep the gratitude going – without the fear.

Gratitude is a good way to squeeze the most out of life. We all have ups and downs. Why not focus on the ups?

I have much to be grateful for, including blessings I count because of COVID: for giving me the push I needed to evaluate my career and make a change, and for my family’s blind support of my efforts. For reconnecting with old friends and speaking more often with long-distance loved ones. Shoot, I’m grateful for COVID for giving me gratitude!

But hold on, not so fast. I am SO ready to be over you, COVID. And I’m saving up my biggest dose of gratitude for the day we’re done.

And can give people hugs and have dinner parties.

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