Dubs In the Shrubs VW Show

Kicking Off Summer Camping Season with VW Eye Candy: Dubs In the Shrubs

We greatly enjoyed our first visit to Dubs In The Shrubs last weekend at the German-American Society in Trenton, NJ.

I’ve never seen so many cool Dubs! This rally also included a car show. It was billed as an air-cooled event, but water-cooled Vanagons were allowed to join in.

The rally was sponsored by the Levittown, Pa., chapter of Vintage Volkswagen Club of America and raised several thousand dollars for St. Jude’s Children’s Research Hospital, Old School Euros Car Club member Dennis Bauer said.

We camped on Saturday night and had these fantastic neighbors. The people who camped in the vans were nice, too 😉

Camping at Dubs in the Shrubs
You can see a little peek of my van on the far right, next to Holly the collie.

Here’s a close-up of our next-door neighbor. Love the vintage plaid coolers and the hard-sided suitcases. They look great on the luggage rack on top of the bus, too. Our Westy was a “Plain Jane” by comparison!

Vintage VW camper at Dubs in the Shrubs

Nothing cooler than a Samba parked next to an orange banana seat bicycle on a 90-degree day.

VW Samba at Dubs in the Shrubs Car show and rally

We camped bumper-to-bumper.

Vanagons camping at Dubs in the Shrubs

Just down the line, I met an upholsterer from Cherry Hill, N.J., and admired his beautiful work. The custom console box by the old Honda scooter matches the seats! Shout out to @idris.designs!

This neighbor told me she’s had her “Care Bear” van for 20 years since she was in high school. I loved her matching skirt.

Just making cheese dip in the van.

Making dinner at Dubs in the Shrubs

There were plenty of bugs at Dubs, too. That’s my husband in the picture, walking our dogs.

wide angle view of bugs at Dubs in the Shrubs car show in Trenton, N.J.

This one had a camper on top.

The bug below was also a sound system, playing tunes to set a festive tone into the evening. And in the morning, it bellowed a bugle call to wake us up (vehicles had to clear out for the start of the car show).

vintage blue VW bug

A swap meet rounded out the event.

Here is a great list of VW festivals this summer. If you know of others, please add in the comment field below!

Cheers to the start of summer, friends!

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