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Friday Finds: A Cool Travel Tool, a Tiny Firestarter + a Fun Gadget Video

Do you have some faraway friends you’ve been missing lately?

Distance not only makes the heart grow fonder … it makes it darn difficult to see friends without using precious vacation days!

I have a resource to share that may help inspire you to make a long-distance date:

Type in your location and your friend’s location and it will tell you where to meet in the middle. It also gives recommendations on what to see and where eat and stay near your midpoint.

Genius, Simple right?

A midpoint meeting makes the distance less daunting. And might just let you squeeze an overdue visit into a weekend!

This tool is also great for planning stops on a road trip. If you want to break a 10-hour trip into two days, you can grab the midpoint and search for nearby campgrounds, vacation rentals, or hotels.

Speaking of campgrounds, a dear friend of mine paid a surprise visit to our campsite a few weeks ago, and we had the opportunity to scope out each other’s gear – love to do that.

When it started to rain as we built a fire, my friend whipped out her “pocket bellows” as I looked on, curious about what this long, telescoping metal straw was all about.

She blew a few breaths and – presto! – flames lept from the soggy coals!

Friends, I give you the gift of this link to buy not one but two (they come two in a pack) – of these nifty devices for $10.

You will be amazed at the laser focus you can aim at your fire.

On the topic of nifty devices, have you seen this Instagram reel of one of our favorite van gadgets?

October is a great month for camping, and of course, celebrating All Hallows’ Eve.

You can do both at Knoebels, which celebrates Halloween all month long.

Knoebels is a charming amusement park in the mountains a couple hours north of Philly that’s been run by the same family for nearly a century.

It’s one of our favorite places to camp and was the very first spot we camped in our Westy.

We go every year and this year will be joined by a big group of friends.

The thought of falling asleep in our Westy camper to the sound of a wooden roller coaster – and then getting up the next morning and walking over to ride it – is something special.

Can’t wait!

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