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Chill Time: Things Campers Can Do When They Can’t Go Camping

It’s depressing when winter comes around and knocks out camping season, as least for those who live in states with the worst winters.

But you can use the eight count to your advantage and prepare to come back swinging in the spring!

Go camper shopping

Campers are cheaper in the winter, sometimes by a lot.

Sales of RVs and campervans slow down in late fall and dip to their lowest point in December and January, giving savvy shoppers a chance to save beaucoup bucks.

Save big on unique campgrounds

Take advantage of this awesome discount code and enjoy thousands of new places to camp next year.

Harvest Hosts lets you can camp at wineries, breweries, farms, and more for one flat fee, and this is the cheapest the membership gets.

Use my code to cash in on 20 percent off savings.

Plan your camping trips

Now is the time to begin booking your campsites for 2022.

You can reserve National Park campsites up to six months in advance. That window is even longer for many state parks – Pennsylvania and Florida, for example, allow reservations 11 months out.

Don’t stress if the campground you want is already sold-out. You can use a campsite finder app to get a reservation.

If you’re planning to visit a National park, campervans are an excellent way to experience them. Here’s my guide to finding one to rent.

Take a course

Like spending time outside, learning something new is a great way to recharge your batteries.

When you are holed up in the house, your mind can take a little trip right from your laptop’s browser.

Udemy offers thousands of courses, most for less than $20. Skillshare is another great resource.

Maybe you’ve been thinking about starting a blog or launching your own online store?

Do it!

You can create a website for $3 a month. PS: You don’t need to know how to code to build a website nowadays. 🙂

For $3 a month, why not give it a try? This entire blog runs on that $3/month platform. 🙂

Camp in your driveway!

In the scariest days of the pandemic, when even leaving the house felt dangerous, we road tripped to the end of our driveway, plugged the van into the house, popped the top, and enjoyed snacks and beverages while hanging out in the van, chilling to groovy 70s music.

We basically went camping in our driveway. I called it Steely Dan in the van.

It was fun, and I’m thinking we don’t need a quarantine to do it again this year!

(Let’s cross our fingers on that one.)

Camp in your yard!

Remember when everyone bought firepits last year so they could gather with friends outside?

Well, it’s time to fire them up again. Add some s’mores and break out your camping chairs to create your very own backyard campground.

These are the highest-rated marshmallow roasting sticks on Amazon and a steal at $9.99.

Stay cozy, everyone. 👌 ❄️

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